Muirhead Medical Centre

NHS Scotland
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GP face to face appointments.

GP face to face appointments are available, patients can book directly via reception . As we are still subject to distancing restrictions in order to protect the Practice Team, allowing us to remain open for the entire community, most of our appointments are still conducted by phone, at least initially.
We know that many patients would greatly prefer to have a face to face appointment and we would prefer this too. However each GP currently has 2 face to face surgeries per week. Therefore there will often be a wait for these appointments, especially if you wish to see a specific GP. Please only book these appointments if you feel your problem requires an examination in person and can not be managed by telephone or with a photograph. If you would prefer a video consultation, please let us know so that we can arrange an appropriate date and time. There are many more telephone appointments than face to face, but if your GP feels that you need an examination after speaking with you, they will arrange this with you out with their surgery time.
We appreciate your help in making this work for the whole community.